Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Garden Tool and More Flowers

My neighbor, Mr. Frost, gave me this garden tool a couple of weeks ago. It works great. I have soil that tends to compact and get hard. This tool breaks up the clumps and loosens the weeds.
Here is the soil around the roses after a quick tune up with the Garden Claw. A bonus is that it needs no fuel except elbow grease and emits no hydrocarbon filled emissions.I think this daisy is called Crazy Daisy and the one below it is Sunny Side Up.
This is a close up of my neighbor's climbing rose. I think it is called Seven Sisters. We have the south side of the fence so we get to enjoy the flowers more than they do. The flowers are on the small side but they bloom in large clusters. They only bloom once a summer but appear to be very very hardy.
These lilies are blooming in the back and the lilies in the following photo are blooming in the front yard. Don't they look like white lilies that have been spray painted in the center.
This pink lily is accessorized with a little green bug.
This Monarda or bee balm is just starting to bloom. I think I am going to try and find other colors of bee balm. I really like how they change daily as they mature. I'll try to get a newer photo tomorrow so you can see the difference a day makes.The lavender is looking great!!!!!
I bought two pink lavender plants last year. The jury's out on whether or not they stay in the current location with all the other lavender. My initial reaction is they are kinda blah.

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Robin said...

I Love your Garden site and pictures!! I am a gardener at heart and in the process of re-doing a garden and learning to vegetable garden! Thank you for all the info and insight!!