Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden Update

Let take a walk around and see what is new in the garden.

Only a few new flowers blooming in the garden currently. Of course the hostas are in bloom but I normally cut the flowers off the hostas unless it's a white fragrant bloom.

The next two photos from different angles of the same hosta bed out by the street. You can see in the second photo the awful looking chair link fence. My plan is to paint it satin black in the hopes that it fades into the background when you look at it. Right now it just sticks out like a sore thumb.
Here are two of my favorites hostas. June in the foreground and Krossa Regal in the background. Slightly to the left is the upright hosta called Praying Hands.Normally I do not mulch but I found that at this house is it necessary. This rose bed by the driveway is just one of those places. The lavender is finally starting to look filled in and spectacular. But of course there is always one or two plants that will not cooperate. I am waiting to remove one almost dead lavender and will buy two to replace it when plants go on sale this fall.
An unmarked sale rose that I recently purchased.A Portland rose that is very fragrant but on the small side. Also the blooms last maybe two days, max.
These three butterfly bushes are suppose to be Black Knight but I am skeptical. They tend to me more of a medium purple and no where near as dark as the photos of Black Knight that I have seen elsewhere.This I believe is a white version of Veronica or the common name Speedwell but don't quote me on that.

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Sandy said...

The flowers are absolutely wonderful. I dearly love my Hostas. The one bloomed a lovely purple bloom. I was very excited!