Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Feel a Day Lily Addiction Starting

I like easy to care for plants. You know the kind you stick in the ground and occasionally water and maybe give them a dose of fertilizer now and again. Finicky plants don't belong in my garden, I haven't the patience for them. This is why I like hostas, day lilies, shrub roses, and peonies.

My hosta addiction is going strong but I rarely find a hosta I don't already own. I might be able to add one or two here and there but I'll save those spots for something special. So it's on to day lilies. I purchased several more the other day and filled in a bed that has killed a handful of plants already. This bed also has irises happily growing so I know day lilies can take the heat and occasionally dryness that this bed throws at it's residents.

Check out these additional day lilies that are now blooming in my yard.

An unknown variety that was on sale for 5 bucks.
Strawberry CandyPandora's Box
I have finally figure out which is which with these next two day lilies.

This is Silk Stockings and.....
this is Bela Lugosi........I think......don't hold me to it.
I have another variety that should open tomorrow.

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