Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love roses, but sometimes they can be disappointing and nothing like the photo on the little attached tag. I purchased 8 Midnight Blue rose bushes two years ago and they have not grown an inch and have produced very few blooms. The blooms that did blossom were very fragrant and a deep dark purple but the bushes are very small and misshapen.

On the other hand, my Knock Out roses are doing great. I can't complain one bit...well maybe a little.....they just seem to be lacking in the olfactory department.

Here are a some photos of the roses currently blooming in my yard.

Midnight Blue Rose

Blue Girl (I think)

Gourmet Popcorn...a rose bush that has very small sprays of roses. Great for using as filler in your flower arrangements.

The next two photos are both red Carpet Roses

The next two photos are Purple Carpet......look at the thorns in the second photo. The leaves are dull and very corrugated not the usual shiny dark green. This rose is also very fragrant.

Louise Oldier or Odlier. Very fragrant.

Don Juan climbing rose

Unknown pink climbing rose. Very fragrant, hardy, fast grower, and lots and lots of blooms.

Last but not least...the free miniature rose that I received last year from Bordine's Nursery for being a VIG cardholder (very important gardener....don't be impressed.......anyone can say...."give me a VIG card!!") Notice all the oxalis growing around my rose bush. It's everywhere.

So there you have it, all the roses currently in bloom at 'The Gear'. Joseph's Coat and a sorbet rose should bloom start blooming this weekend.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The theme is magazines

Today's theme is magazines. Most of my magazines fall into three categories. Those areas being home/house, garden or plant, and cooking/eating.

Some of my home/house publications also cover gardening. Martha Stewart's Living is such a magazine. If you really do not enjoy spending money on magazines and wish to limit your magazine intake to a handful, I would suggest Martha Stewart Living. I have never received an ill conceived issue. The photos are spectacular. Last month's issue had photo of Martha's peonies. I now have peony envy. We have planted six or seven bushes at 'The Gear' and hope to add to them along the way. We feel that peonies are age appropriate for our home.

Horticulture is another favorite of mine. This magazine leans more towards the botanical but not completely so. All that botany I took in college has finally paid off. I can pick a tetraploid at 10 paces.

For those living in the Midwest, Midwest Living always has a garden article that focuses on the Midwest's specific gardening needs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick garden update

With all the rain so comes weeds. I'm having a difficult time keeping up with the weeding. As soon as the tulips are completely died back, I'll spray Roundup. Hopefully the weeds will not go to seed before then.

Here's are some photos taken this spring.

This is a Queen of Night tulip. As the tulip ages it becomes almost black. I love them. They are very long lasting and sturdy.

I have no idea what the name of this tulip is. They were cheap...but I like them.

This is a view of the fence row area by the street. We filled it with miscellaneous tulips and a lot of very different hostas. No common hostas at 'The Gear'...LOL

I believe these irises are the variety Superstition. They were gorgeous until the storm knocked several stems over.
Last but not least. Knock out roses. Without fail, they return every year no matter how brutal of a winter. I lost about 5 other rose bushes and about 5 more died all the way back to the root. Good thing I only buy 'own root' rose bushes.