Sunday, April 13, 2008

The theme for today is raking......

I've decided that when possible I will post on all my blogs (3) using a theme. Today's theme is raking.

The weather was unseasonably cold and windy today. R and I planted the remaining two Paw Paw trees. That will give us 4 trees and two varieties from two different growers. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't die. I know bare root shipping is frequently done but it is always shocking to open a package and see something that looks like it belongs in the burning pile.

The ground was extremely soggy so it was impossible to plant the remaining hostas. I checked the weather forecast and it looks like fair weather until Wednesday or Thursday at which time it will start raining again. Unfortunately I am scheduled to work 12 hrs all week.

R just walked by and said...."The Gardens of Gear Acres???......sounds like the name of a soap opera." Yes, it is. He is rather witty today....he just came up with "As the Gear Turns."

Rather than waste a whole day because the weather wasn't up to snuff, we put our winter coats on and headed out of doors to rake. Here at 'The Gear' raking is a never ending saga. We raked the area along the fence by the road. It's amazing the items you find after the winter snow melts. Along with the usual snack food wrappers, straws, and drink lids, we also found a discarded Pantera CD and a small empty Crown Royal bottle. Could someone have been drowning their sorrows about hearing of the passing of Dimebag Darrell???? Who knows...I just wish they would throw their stuff somewhere else.

So there you have it.....As the Gear Turns....stay tuned and find out if the hostas get planted.


joey said...

Hold tight ... tomorrow SHOULD be lovely but hold on to your hat!

dynochick (Jan) said... weren't kidding. I atempted to rake but nothing would stay in a pile.

Even though it is windy....I'll take it over snow any day!!!