Monday, April 21, 2008

Obviously my garden didn't get the memo!

Winter seemed extremely long this year. But I kept telling myself...."just wait until all the bulbs and lilacs bloom, it will be spectacular." Obviously my garden never got the memo I sent out about having a garden blog. In the memo I stressed how important it was that they put on a good show this year. Maybe they are bashful. I did mention that I would be beaming photos of their petals all across the globe. So you can understand my disappointment when this is what popped up.That by far, is the puniest daffodil ever to sprout in my garden. Wasn't there a Christmas song called Puny Poinsettia??? How about a follow up tune called Puny Daffodil?

On a brighter note. R and I planted about 100 hostas in the large bed under the giant Ash tree by the road. Only one plant was missing it's tag. Probably some squirrel has it stashed away.

Yesterday I put all the hosta tags into my notebook. It's bulging at the seams so I will need to start a separate notebook just for the hostas. I think my last count was 174 varieties.

The fruit trees are just days away from blossoming. I did notice that the peach tree we replaced last year has very small buds. I am beginning to suspect that there is a problem with the soil in that area.

These flowers are always the first to bloom. The photo makes them appear larger than they are in real life. But at least they are not puny...they are just petite.


Sandy said...

SO pretty!!!

baby sister said...

You should name the flowers in your photos. For instance, these are 'glories of the snow'. It will help out he beginners.