Friday, April 11, 2008

Garden Graphics Book

Today we were hit with quite a storm. Hail stones the size of dimes and a lot of wind. The sirens blared and there were reports of a tornado. So far there hasn't been any confirmation on the Weather Underground of a confirmed tornado so let's just say it was windy...real windy and rainy...real rainy.

Still nothing to report garden wise. No tulips, daffodils, or buds to speak of yet. So in lieu of photos of my garden, I'll show you a photo of the book I purchased on of eBay.

It's a cute hardcover book by Gemma Nesbitt called Garden Graphics. The book details how to draw diagrams of your garden using little graphics to represent certain flowers. You can see the little drawings around the edge of the front cover on the dust jacket. I'm sure somewhere there is software that does the same thing but I think in this case, a hand drawn plan is more appropiate.

Gemma Nesbitt? Interesting name.

When will I start drawing????? Well, first I need to finish planting.......etc. Until then......I'll just preuse the pages and draw in my mind's eye.


Patricia W said...

I need to find software that I can load a picture of my house into and then plan a garden around it. I have zero plantings except for a couple hostas and lilies on the fence.

I love red buds and lilacs so those are two that will definitely get planted here. In the house I grew up in we had a huge thicket of lilacs (mostly to keep the dust off of the house because it was a dirt road). They were so old and tangled, beautiful, and smelled divine.

dynochick (Jan) said...

I'm sure there is some software out there.

I love lilacs. They have proven to be a great blocker. I can't even see a car drive by where I have mature lilacs planted. Plus they really seem not to be affected by the road salt.

Right after we moved in, Roger cut the old lilacs right down to the ground, he left like 4 inches. He did this in the fall.

Come spring, they started to regrow. After almost 4 years they are at least 10 ft tall and very thick and dense. Also it really increased the number of flowers too.

I really think cutting all that old rotted wood out of them really helps to prolong their life.

Nothing like the smell of lilacs!!!!