Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Irises and Rhododendrons

I bet you were beginning to think that 'The Gear' only had gardens filled with hostas. Let's put that to bed (flower bed) right now. Check out these irises.

These are two different varieties of dark purple/black irises. The above and below iris is Before the Storm. Normally these irises are much darker and blacker. This year they are definitely royal purple.
The iris below is another variety of almost black iris that is showing dark purple this year. I wonder what is up with that?
Here a cheap bargain bin iris that was almost dead when I purchased it for 99 cents. I bought 3 of them. The flower is nothing special just your basic blue. The reason I bought these were because of the variegated foliage. Two of the three rhizomes bloomed this year. I'm happy and I think next year (fingers crossed) that all will bloom.
We also have rhododendrons....dark pink, red, and lavender. I purchased 12 plants for $2.99 each and thanks to R's constant watering we have not loss a single plant. Next year I plan on spraying them with Wilt Pruf for winter protection.
I think the buds are as they say.....waaaaay cool.
Not too shabby for $2.99 per plant.
I think that they have earned their keep for another year.

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