Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garden Update

This hosta bed tends to be very dry. I don't know if it is because the pine tree blocks the rain or if the pine just soaks up all the moisture. We added some mulch to see if we could keep some moisture in the soil. I normally don't use mulch because it is so difficult to rake up the leaves and twigs in the spring.

The next two photos are of two different spiderwort plants that I have. The lighter flower is considered a pink but tends to be more of a light lavender. The darker one is called Concord Grape. In real life the darker spiderwort is a medium to dark purple. I shot about 5 photos of the Concord Grape and they all came out light.
This rose is called Purple Carpet and it by far has the strongest rose scent of all my roses.This photo is of one of my window boxes that is planted with chives. Originally I had several other herbs in there but they didn't survive the winter. The chives multiplied and now it is just chives. I really like the looks of the window box planted with chives. I do not however like the looks of the shingles and cannot wait until the house is painted.And what would my garden blog be without a gratuitous photo or two of my black irises.While shopping with my sister on Saturday we stopped by my favorite place to buy plants. It is located in Spring Arbor and is called The Hobbit Place. I purchased two more 'black' plants. One has black foliage and is a black snakeroot called 'Hillside Black Beauty' and the other is a black viola called 'Black Magic'.


baby sister said...

I believe I also have what you call a "purple carpet" rose - I didn't know the name - but when I tried to do a google search, I am unable to find that name.

Your black Irises are BEAUTIFUL!

dynochick (Jan) said...

Well of course you couldn't find anything on purple carpet, neither could I.

So in the name of truth and all that is gardening I got down on my hands and knees, looked for a metal tag on one of the rose bushes, and then stuck my unprotected hand into that thorny mess. And you know what??? The tag read Purple Pavement!!!!

Sorry. I'll need to correct my post to reflect the correct information.

baby sister said...

Sorry you had to go through a battle in order to find the name - but I do appreciate it!!!

I've corrected my blog as well with the correct name.

Thanks again!