Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Lovely Hostas

I was walking around looking at my hostas when I noticed several that had escaped me before. Most hostas when they are immature are just plain with maybe just a hint of what they will look like when mature.

Here are several that are now showing their mature selves...and boy are they something.

This is a streaked hosta called Guardian Angel. This hosta is called Tom Schmid. The green is a very matte bluish green with the outer edge of the leaves rimmed in a nearly pure white.Here's one for all you trekkies out there.....Capt. Kirk. I bet Capt. Kirk has bedded at least one alien of every color in this hosta. I know he 'enjoyed' the pleasure of a lovely green babe the exact shade of the lighter of the two shades of green in this leaf, in the current Star Trek film.
Here's a sport of Hanky Panky called Striptease. Notice the very faint white streak in the center portion of the leaves. need one of these to go with Hanky Panky.


Fern said...

Hi there! I am also a big fan of hostas living in Canada. I actually have a sign in my garden that says Hosta la Vista. I noticed on one of your posts that you say Yellow polka dot bikini is one of your favourites. Do you have it? I have been looking for it for years. Maybe we could work out some sort of exchange if you are willing. I have a few hundred varieties of hostas at the moment though not all of them are ready to be split.

dynochick (Jan) said...


Welcome to my garden blog.

No, yellow polka dot bikini is one hosta that is eluding me. I was watching one on eBay once and missed the end of the auction. Since that time I have not ran across another one.

I did buy and just plant (today)Teeny Weeny Bikini. I really love those minis.

In August or September I am going to do an inventory of my hostas. At that time I will print a list on my blog. Maybe at that time we can see if we have anything each other just can't live without!!!

I have several that have lost their tags (thank you squirrels) and I will need to haul out the books and try to identify them.

Hosta la Vista!!! Did you read my house blog where I mentioned naming my one hosta bed...Hosta la Vista??? Now I'll have to get a sign that says...Hosta la Vista USA.

Do you have a blog?