Friday, May 15, 2009

Hostas are looking great

The hostas are finally sprouting. This is year three for most of the hostas and it looks like they are finally showing some resemblance to what they are suppose to look like.

So for your viewing pleasure.....Gear Acres Hostas

Red leaves with red stems of my favs
My absolute fav....Hanky Panky....this photo does not do it justice
Unusual shaped leaves with ruffled edge...sometimes referred to as pie crust edge when it is more wavy like the next one
Grand Slam
I love how this one has dark green, lighter green, and yellow
Whirl Wind

First 3 on my fav list. Hosta is very blue with yellow edge.
Orange Marmalade
Dragon Tails which is a miniature....notice the size comparison to the plant label in the top right corner. The whole clump is just slightly larger than the palm of my hand.


Sandy said...

OK. Now I'm hooked on Hostas. They are just SO cool!

dynochick (Jan) said...

I know hostas get a bad rap because people over use them, use them in the wrong places, and use just the very common all green ones.

I prefer a bed of varied size and colored hostas but I will confess to having an all green older variety along the back of the house. The bed is only a foot wide between the house and the sidewalk so I was limited and the hostas were from another part of the yard.

baby sister said...

How long do Hostas live?

We planted some under a pine tree last year and they are quite small this year.

Do you know if there is a problem with the acidity of the pine needles?

dynochick (Jan) said...

Funny you should ask about hostas, pine trees, and acidity. Just today when I was at a garden shop looking for new hostas, a lady ask me if I thought it was bad for hostas to be planted under pine trees. Seems her hostas are kinda small under her pine trees. I wonder if it wouldn't hurt to try and sweeten the soil a little with some bone meal or maybe the pine tree is just soaking up all the moisture and not leaving any for the hostas. I know that even when it rains, it is still kind of dry under my pine trees. I have hostas planted under pine trees in 2 areas but I do add extra water with a misting type sprinkler.

baby sister said...

Hey Jan,

Just wondering, where do you buy your hostas?