Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's Theme is Owosso Michigan

Not only does Owosso Michigan manufacture my favorite patio furniture (Woodard) but it is home to several antique shops. It was at one of those shops that I purchased a small flower vase with matching frog made of black amethyst. I already own several larger black amethyst vases but this is just perfect for small roses on thin stems that will not hold up the heavy flower. The smaller piece with the holes is the frog and it sits on top of the vase. Some frogs sit in the bottom of the vase and are not seen unless the vase is clear. You see clear round glass frogs all the time at garage sales. They usually sell for less than $5.00. They are handy for holding the stems in place so that you can arrange long stemmed flowers in a tall vase.Black amethyst glass appears to be black until it is held to a bright light in which it shows purple. R didn't have to ask me why they call it black amethyst because he has been to enough antique shops to know......but that didn't stop him from asking me "Why do they call it a frog? It doesn't look like a frog to me." Damn him. Just a minute while I look that up.....I'm back. Seems the guy who wrote this article doesn't exactly know the answer but has some interesting frog facts. Just a minute while I look some more....OK, well it seems that no one knows for sure but they guess that it is because the frogs (flower holders) usually sit in the bottom of a vase in water much like a frog sits on a lily pad in the water. R says "that's doesn't make any sense."

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