Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mountain Laurel and a new book

Last summer while looking at a nursery catalog my eye caught the Mountain Laurel. It was love at first sight. So this summer I hope to plant several varieties. I particularly like this one.
I have no idea the name but it seems to be the most prevalent one offered. I know they also offer a pink with darker highlights. I think one of each will be a nice addition to 'The Gear's' landscape.

On the book front. I purchased the book, Shrubs and Vines by Donald Wyman. A large book at 598 pages but unfortunately none of the photos are in color. Seems like such a waste not to have at least some of the photos in color.This warm weather......38 degrees....has got me wanting to get out in the garden, but I know this is just a tease and unfortunately it will snow again.

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