Monday, September 7, 2009

Tomatoes, Copper Misters, & More Hosta Pics

We are up to our ears in tomatoes. AND for the very first time we have plums.

In the photo below we have Belgium Giant, Marglobe, Golden Jubilee, Amish Paste, Black Russian, and Early Girl. The plums are a Japanese variety called Satsuma.
I need everyone to keep their eyes open for these copper mister/sprinkler things. They are shaped like a mushroom and have a squirter on the top. I bought these two at Meijer two years ago. They had 4 but I talked myself out of the other two. I really need 4. If anyone sees them any where for any amount, let me know. I will forever be in your debt.
What would a garden report be without a post about hostas? I've been slowly working on my miniature hosta bed. I planted some Royal Standard hostas around a large tree next to the sidewalk. Rather than having all miniature hostas I added a clump of Irish moss and Scotch moss.I really hope we can finish the fountain next year. The blue tarp doesn't blend well with the rest of the garden or with anything else for that matter.


baby sister said...

oh! I know the blue tarp dilemma - we've got two in the back yard right now. yuk!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely garden you have! You must be really loving it.