Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miniature Hostas

I couldn't resist the urge to snap a few photos of my miniature hostas. Some were in bloom but all were cute as a button. I placed a quarter in the photos so that you could better gauge the size of these miniature plants.

This is my newest miniature hosta acquisition....Teeny Weeny. The quarter is that round white disk in the bottom right corner.
This one is called Dragon Tails. This plant is 3 years old and was started with a single eye.Rock Princess....rocks...don't you think?The next two photos are of unusual hostas that are in my garden. The first photo is Praying Hands, a small upright hosta.
The next one is Fire Island, a small yellow hosta with red stems.Here's an up close photo of the stems. From far away it appears that the stems are solid red but up close you notice the stems are covered with red dots.
I have no ideas why this particular hosta has holes in the leaves. None of my other hostas have this affliction.


baby sister said...

holes mean slugs usually. have you ever scattered broken egg shells around your hostas? It's supposed to keep the slugs away.

dynochick (Jan) said...

I can't remember ever seeing any slugs. Plus none of my other hostas have holes. But maybe they are only interested in this particular hosta.

I think next year I'll try some egg shells at the beginning of the spring and see if I get holes or not.

Sandy said...

Egg shells? What does that do? Someone is responsible for me falling in love with miniature hostas. LOL

dynochick (Jan) said...


They are addictive for sure.

Egg shells are rough and slugs do not like to crawl over the broken shells.

I think some people also use the same sand/grit that they use in pool filters. I think it is called diatomaceous earth. http://wolfcreekranch1.tripod.com/defaq.html

I think it's the silca that slugs don't like in d.earth.