Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to my blog and garden

Hello and thank you for visiting my garden blog.

At this time of year in Michigan, the only gardening being done is in your imagination. This time of year is designated for list making, seed buying, and diagram drawing. So far I have done 2 out of the 3.

Soon I should see the tips of tulips, daffodils, and maybe the beginning of new foliage on my hosta plants. After this unpleasant winter, I am looking forward to seeing something green.

So in the theme of preparing for the gardening season, I'll pass along the method I use to keep track of my plants, bulbs, and trees.

I found that many times I wanted to buy additional plants of varieties that I already owned. Once at the garden center I realized that I couldn't remember exactly which variety I already had in my garden. Sure I had good intentions of keeping the little identification tags but you know how that goes. You get in a cleaning frenzy and they all get tossed out. So I came up with this little idea.

I purchased a binder that has large pockets in the front and back. I store all the bulb package cardboard tops and any larger ID tags that do not fit into the individual card pockets into these larger pockets. The smaller ID tags are placed inside the little pockets of the pocket pages used to store trading cards. I was able to buy them quite inexpensively on eBay. Buy more than you think you will need. Believe me. I ordered twice before I got smart and just ordered a large quantity.

You might find that you need to trim some ID tags so they will fit into the pocket. Usually there is a border that can be cut off without interfering with the photo and important information.

I also group my tags according to plant type. Trees and perennials are separated. Then within the tree section, I divide them into groups, evergreen, deciduous, and fruit trees. I group fruit trees together with like fruit placed side by side. Example...all fruit trees are in one section. The tags of like fruit are placed together, i.e. peaches with peaches and apples with apples. My perennials are loosely grouped like this. Roses, hostas (all 160+), then shade plants, and then sun loving plants. I may start another binder just for vegetables and move the fruit trees to that binder.

Saving the tags can also help you diagnose problems you might have with an individual plant. Last year my Veronica - Royal Candles Speedwell was not doing well. I looked for the plant tag in my binder and realized that I had planted it in full sun and the tag suggested partial sun. I transplanted it and immediately it started responding to the partial sun location.

My garden blogging will pick up once the growing season kicks into full swing. In the meantime visit my other blogs. Gear Acres is my house blog and covers the restoration of my older home and my kitchen blog called In the Kitchen at Gear Acres , this blog will cover recipes and kitchen related topics.


Sandy said...

Nice! Good job on the garden blog. I should have you that email I got of the BC garden. There were quite a few pictures, but I liked the flowers the best. If I haven't deleted it, I will send it to you from my hotmail address.

Sandy said...

that would be should have sent you.... sigh

dynochick (Jan) said...

Thanks Sandy....I think I'll post a link to those photos. They are lovely.

Jenni said...

Love the notebook idea!